Hashtgerd to Golshahr electrical railway is 25 kilometers long (double track) in the north of Karaj – Qazvin Highway and Part of the route is going to be underground . This railway starts at Golshahr station , passes through Hesarak Bridge, Baharestan Industrial Town and Kordan Bridge and continues to Hashtgerd New Town.
The route includes SOHA and SUPA multilevel intersections, MAMUT entrance and exit ramps and total rail installation will amount to 52 kms

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Hashtgerd New town’s Suburban Railway





Alborz Province


Employer: Ministry of Transportation & Housing- Hashtgerd Newtown Construction Co.

Project Manager: Tadbir Omran Iranian Civil Engineering Company.

Stations’ Consultant: Rahsaz Tarh Consultant Engineering Co.

Route Const. Consultant: Haraz rah Consultant Engineering Co.

Equipment Consultant: Metra Consultant Engineering Co.

Contractor: Sepasad Group


- Connecting the New town of Hashtgerd to Alborz province through a railway network

- Transfer of 55,000 passengers per hour

- Decreasing the road trips and increasing safety of trips

- Diminishing the fuel consumption and preserving the environment & air quality


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