This project is to design, build and provide finance (D. B. F.) and consists of the main body of the Dam, The Highest Concrete Dam in World, in 325meters, the power intakes, power waterways, power cavern, bus duct tunnels and related equipment, powerhouse units equipment, transformer cavern, AC single-phase transformers, 400-kilowatt switchyard system, gallery of HV cable, power auxiliary and emergency units, water outlet tunnel system and relevant hydro- mechanical equipment, dispatching units communication systems, control room and instrumentation system, the bottom and middle outputs and hydro- mechanical equipment, curtain grouting and drainage, permanent access roads to the dam crest, intake of tunnel spillway, power intake, tail water outlet, powerhouse and transmission facilities complex, tunnel spillway and the equipment, plunge pool and tail water weir, concrete plugs and complementary grouting curtain.


Bakhtiari Dam and Power Plant (The Highest Concrete Dam in the World)




Border of Khuzestan and Lorestan Province, Tangpanj Station


Employer: IWPC
Design and Construction Contractor: Sepasad Group
Contractor's Engineers: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company - Institute of Tose-e


  •  Adding 1500MW to national power generation capacity
  •  Increasing water storage capacity and adjustable water volume in the Basin of Dez River
  •  Prevent entering sediments of Bakhtiari River to the Dez Lake and increase its useful service life
  • • Increasing the potential of water resources and flood control and creating opportunities for region's development




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