The Moshampa dam is of an Earth type with an impervious core, height of 121 meters from the bed-rock, total volume of 700 million cubic meters, water conveyance tunnel of 330 meters, dam body of 5.8 million cubic meters, a regulating dike ,15km of substitute road and 3 protective weirs. The tripartite contract of project has been awarded to Sepasad Group through a public tender in 2013.


MOSHAMPA Reservoir dam and Regulating Barrier





60 km city of Mianeh, Zanjan province


Employer: Regional Water Supply Company

Consultant Engineers: Tamavan Consultant Engineers

Contractor: Sepasad Group


- Providing the water supply for 42.000 hectares of agricultural land in Regeen and paveh roud region
- Providing 50 million cubic meters of water for Zanjan province industries
- Providing 25 million cubic meters of potable water for the city of Zanjan
- Production of 120 megawats of electricity




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